Swedish Full Body Massage

Our most relaxing and healing body massage using warm blended oils.
Swedish Massage calms the nervous system while at the same time stimulating the circulation. The long, gliding massage strokes ease tense, tired muscles and reduce the stress levels of both the mind and the body.

A complete head-to-toe experience, which leaves you with a sense of well-being & total relaxation.

60 mins €50

swedish massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Ideal for tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Deep tissue techniques are used to release knots & taut fibres that cause muscular aches and pains.

30 mins €30


Indian Head Massage

A specialised technique focusing on the head, neck, upper back, arms and face.
This massage is done with the client sitting up and they remain fully clothed.
Relieves headaches, neck and shoulder tension and promotes a deep relaxed state of mind.

45 mins €45

body massage

Pregnancy Massage

Massage can be wonderfully soothing and safe for the expectant mother. It can be extremely beneficial in helping to minimise the various discomforts such as backache, swollen legs and ankles, nausea and insomnia, to name but a few!

You will be comfortably supported through-out the massage thanks to the specially designed maternity massage mattress, which can allow for a full body massage whilst lying on your tummy at all stages of your pregnancy.

30 mins €30
60 mins €50

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage encourages stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic circulatory network regulates the balance of the body fluid and helps with the removal of wastes from the tissues. A well functioning lymphatic system contributes to good health and vitality.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is especially designed to relieve blockages, promote the removal of wastes and reduce water retention in the tissues. It has been applied with great success to patients with lymphoedema, which causes excessive amounts of fluid to be retained in the body resulting in swelling of the limbs.

60 mins €50