The ideal way to completely relax after a hard day is to take some time to enjoy the intense warmth of an infra-red cabin. After just thirty minutes your blood circulation is stimulated, your body feels cleansed, refreshed and revitalised, and extra calories have been lost.
Far-infrared saunas are most effective at inducing a detoxifying sweat. As opposed to traditional steam saunas that operate in excess of 75 degrees centigrade, far-infrared saunas generate radiant energy via electromagnetic waves at a lower temperature of 60-650C. This makes for a more comfortable sauna experience. In addition, radiant energy is able to penetrate more deeply into the skin and underlying fat cells causing the body to sweat more profusely.

Because of the deep penetration of far-infrared rays, these types of sauna produce a sweat composed of around 20% of toxins as compared to the sweat derived from using traditional steam saunas, which is composed of only 3% of toxins. This superior detoxification through far-infrared therapy will go a long way to help relieve symptoms, boost your overall health and vitality and reduce or prevent future illness from ever arising.

My recommendations are to have an infrared sauna once a week for an hour, as part of a health maintena
nce programme. If you are dealing with more significant health concerns, then twice per week may be needed for a period.

Use of Sauna and Jacuzzi for One and a Half hours:
• One person private €20
• Two persons sharing €30
• Three persons sharing €40