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  • Why do we suffer from illness?
  • What is the best diet for optimum health?
  • Should you take vitamins and other food supplements?
  • What is optimum health and how do I achieve it?

In this authoritative and practical book on natural healing you will find factual answers to these and many other questions regarding your health.

For years too much attention has been devoted to the medical management of disease rather than to the proper investigation of its root causes. While the majority of drugs prescribed by doctors may seem to “CURE” or provide relief for a disease, most of them only relieve symptoms or the pain associated with the disease.

In a recently published book “Getting Healthy Naturally” by naturopath John Byrne N.D., B.H.Sc., he argues that in order to achieve a successful outcome for any health ailment, one first needs to get an accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes or conditions that are contributing to the illness.

A central theme of his book is that all major health conditions plaguing mankind today share a common underlying trait that more and more health researchers believe to be the ultimate cause of ill health! This common trait is INFLAMMATION, or more specifically ‘low-grade chronic inflammation’.

In his book John outlines the many ways that inflammation can originate within the body leading to illness and shows you how to restore your body to health by combating these hidden factors through safe and effective natural healing methods.

“Disease is simply a defensive reaction by the body to poor dietary and lifestyle habits” says John. “The symptoms of disease are the remedial efforts of the body attempting a cleansing process in an effort to rid itself of accumulated toxins. As such, the power to cure disease resides only within the patient’s body and that innate healing power cannot fully prevail until wrong living habits stop and the fundamental elements of nature in fitting measure, have been set in place”. Properly managed, the disease process is also the road to cure.

Getting Healthy Naturally is thought-provoking, engaging and immeasurably timely in this era of ever-increasing incidences of chronic disease – it offers hope to sick people who may have been afraid to dream of a cure!

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