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Four reasons to get a massage

Four reasons to get a massage Summer’s nearly over and the busy back-to-school season is getting underway. Hopefully you had time to unwind and de-stress this summer. Remember that massage is one of the greatest ways to lessen stress and to recharge your mental and physical “batteries” in a hurry! Below is a quick article […]


Herbal Pick-Me-Ups

Have you been feeling a little low on energy lately?  Before you reach for the coffee or some other pick-me-up, consider using herbs for a much-needed boost.  There are several different herbs that are great for increasing your energy and making you feel better in general.  Here are four of my favorites. Ginseng – One […]


Protecting your Prostate

Do you find yourself standing over the urinal waiting for something to happen, but nothing does? If you’ve ever had this problem, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common parts of aging I see in new male patients. Sixty percent of men over 60 have weak stream when urinating. That number shoots up […]


Women’s Wellness

Women often develop a myriad of health issues linked to hormone imbalance. Although a majority of these are believed to start in midlife with the onset of menopause, in fact, a dysfunctional pattern can begin during adolescent years or even at a younger age. The severity of hormonal problems tends to increase with age, but […]


Obesity & Weight Loss

A sensible approach to safe slimming Somewhere between the silly season and the beginning of summer, your bikini may appear to have shrunk a size or two and that could mean it’s time to try a new approach to your weight management strategy. If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and ended up […]


Stress free living

We are constantly under some form of stress in our lives and generally we cope very well. However, many situations increase stress to a level, which can cause troublesome physical and emotional effects. The complaints that arise from too much stress vary widely. More common problems include: Tiredness Muscle pain Anxiety Sleep disturbance Poor concentration […]


Boosting Immunity

   Beat Colds & Flu  Today, health officials and the general public alike are expressing concern about the future health of the human race. The emergence of so many debilitating and life threatening infectious conditions indicates an infection epidemic. Many doctors now agree with Nobel Prize winning bacteriologist Joshua Lederberg, who stated that viral infection […]


Allergy Prevention

Why would you want to seek help from a Naturopath or Herbalist for hay fever when you can easily take an over the counter anti-histamine from the pharmacy that knocks out symptoms fast? Because a Natural therapist can help treat symptoms of hay fever such as itchy watery eyes, runny nose or sinus pain and […]


Reduce your risk of Heart Attack

Every ten minutes someone dies prematurely from cardiovascular disease. It is the most common cause of death in Ireland. If your heart stops so do you. This amazing organ is tireless, pumping life-giving blood around your body 24 hours a day. No wonder it’s so vital to your health! The most common cause of early […]


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