What your eyes reveal about your health

IMAGINE THIS: Someone you’ve never met looks in the coloured part of your eyes and gives you a detailed description of you, including your inherited strengths and weakness, your current health status in general, and the state of every organ in your body.   Then, before you can recover from your astonishment, you realise that your eyes have somehow “video-taped” your entire life! 

Proclaimed throughout the ages as the “window of the soul”, the eyes also function as a display unit, mirroring changing conditions of every organ and tissue in the body. If you look closely at your iris, you may notice small dark spots, streaks or little openings in the fibres.  These characteristics provide the key to understanding the state of health of each organ in your body.

With Iridology you can immediately gain insight as to whether your colon is inflamed, your thyroid is weak or underactive or your adrenals are over-stressed or burned out.  You see, the iris reflects the condition of your body tissues (e.g. inflammation, acidity, congested lymph, toxicity, hardened arteries, nerve weakness, etc) and the Iridologist can tell, through the changes in patterns and colours the state of health of each organ in your body.


Also, our emotional and psychological states can be determined through various features in the iris.  As emotional health and physical health go hand in hand, you will be given a “character reference” and we’ll discuss how it may reflect on your health.

I believe Iridology to be an amazing tool to assess your health and weaknesses in your organs and your body! It gives an overall “snapshot” of what makes up a patient.  As clients enter my office they bring the diagnosis of their condition along with them, it is stamped in the iris of their eyes!

The beauty of Iridology is that weaknesses and early pathogenesis can be seen years before any symptoms occur or diagnostic testing may reveal. With this information a health programme can be developed which is tailored to the specific needs of the client.