Live Blood Analysis


live blood analysis

Live Blood Analysis you can see, the cells are round and full… are floating freely… and they aren’t stuck together.




See how the cells are clumped together, without the nice full shape of the healthy cells? Such formations can be the result of dysfunctional digestion, food allergies, or an underlying inflammatory process.


Live blood analysis (LBA) is a test that can give you a very accurate picture of your state of health and allows you to find out about any potential disease process occurring in your body. 

Also, known as Darkfield microscopy, it is the observation of live blood cells using a special microscope called a dark field microscope. Darkfield microscopy is a microscopic technique in which light strikes the sample being viewed from the side rather than from underneath.  Therefore, the blood does not have to be dried or stained beforehand, and so the blood elements can be seen in their living state, hence the term “live blood” analysis.

How does it work?

The test is carried out by taking a drop of blood from your fingertip and magnifying it by 15,000 times.  The blood is then shown on a video monitor and assessed while it remains active for up to twenty minutes.  During the analysis you can see the contents of your own blood on the video screen where various states of sub-par health can be displayed through blood pictures that deviate from normal.

You can observe the shape and mobility of the red blood cells that deliver oxygen, watch the white blood cells as they devour toxins and invaders and observe the smaller platelets responsible for clotting.  The state of the plasma fluid that these cells travel in is also discernible; and all from only a small drop of blood!

Nutrition, water intake, environmental pollutants, toxicity and stress all affect the state of your blood which, as the delivery system to your cells, has a direct impact on many aspects of your health.

In a healthy individual, the blood is perfectly balanced with red blood cells that are uniform in shape and size (not elliptical, jagged or varying in size).   Neither is any blood cells overlapping or clumped together but should be loose and free flowing.  The plasma is also clear and free of any fibrous material, platelet aggregation, or other artefacts.

Information Provided by Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is a qualitative test to detect functional imbalance in the body including:

  • Nutrient deficiencies (e.g. essential fatty acids, iron, vitamins, B9, B12, antioxidants and lipotropic (liver) nutrients).
  • The immune system and how well it is functioning.
  • pH imbalances (i.e. over-acidity)
  • Digestive competence and gut permeability.
  • Circulatory problems
  • The condition of the liver
  • Inflammation in the body.
  • Presence of bacterial, parasitic or fungal forms.
  • Detects numerous indicators of free radical stress and immune impairment, known precursors to chronic inflammation and disease pathology.