Boosting Immunity

   Beat Colds & Flu

 Today, health officials and the general public alike are expressing concern about the future health of the human race. The emergence of so many debilitating and life threatening infectious conditions indicates an infection epidemic. Many doctors now agree with Nobel Prize winning bacteriologist Joshua Lederberg, who stated that viral infection is the biggest single threat to human survival!

Compounding this concern is the discovery that bacterial infections, once readily controlled with antibiotics, are becoming more antibiotic resistant and pose a serious threat to the health of all.

Microscopic wars against infection rage constantly within your body. The multitudes of attackers are tiny, but lethal. Some, like the AIDS virus, are so small that 230 million could fit on the full stop at the end of this sentence.

Ideally, your immune system will automatically provide adequate defence, through a wonderful network of organs and specialised cells. Sometimes, however, your defence is weakened, and you develop a cold or flu, or an even more serious infection.

At Navan Natural Therapy Clinic, we believe ‘prevention is the best medicine’. We prefer to promote optimal support of the body’s amazing infection fighting ability now, and reduce our dependence on antibiotics later.

 Factors that contribute to the weakening of your immune system.

  • Physiological, psychological and emotional stress
  • Poor physical and aerobic conditioning
  • Lack of sleep, rest and relaxation
  • Poor diet

While all of these factors need to be addressed, we will focus on nourishment.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is perhaps the most common nutrient associated with immunity and studies have shown it to have some very powerful effects. Research indicates that vitamin C increases the activity of specific infection fighting white blood cells. It has also been observed that white blood cell movement, and their bacteria destroying abilities, are stimulated by the presence of vitamin C. At my clinic I can actually observe the level of activity (or lack thereof) of a client’s white blood cells via a ‘Live Blood Analysis’ examination, and thereby get a good indication of their immune status.



Zinc may be the most critical nutrient for immunity. Low levels of zinc have been associated with low levels of ‘natural killer’ cell activity, abnormally low antibody response and weaker immune response. At the clinic, I can test your zinc levels with a simple test called the Zinc Taste Test.


Echinacea and Golden Seal

Echinacea purpurea and golden seal (Hydrastis canadensis), combined with other herbs, have been clinical shown to be of benefit in opportunistic bacterial infections. These herbs enhance the body’s defence mechanism by stimulating white blood cell and macrophage activity. Macrophages are like little ‘Pac Men’ that roam around the body, engulfing and destroying bacterial and viral organisms.


For a Healthy Immune System:

  • Eat a balanced diet high in fibre and complex carbohydrates, low in fat, with moderate amounts of protein. Eat fresh, wholesome, unprocessed foods.
  • De-stress! Enjoy plenty of rest and relaxation.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Increase water intake to 6 to 8 glasses per day, preferably half an hour before or after meals.
  • Supplement the diet with recommended nutrients.


And don’t forget to visit a Natural Healthcare Professional knowledgeable in the causes of illness and in how to prime your body with the right combination of nutrients and herbs, so as to activate your immune system and keep you healthy throughout the year.

So get your immune system functioning well again and you will be amazed at how healthy and full of vitality you feel.

Boosting Immunity