Four reasons to get a massage

Four reasons to get a massage

pic-massage-01Summer’s nearly over and the busy back-to-school season is getting underway. Hopefully you had time to unwind and de-stress this summer. Remember that massage is one of the greatest ways to lessen stress and to recharge your mental and physical “batteries” in a hurry! Below is a quick article giving you four great reasons to make massage a regular part of your life. See you soon!

Any therapist who’s had the pleasure of watching a client’s health and vitality improve through regular massage sessions would love to have everyone understand the benefits available to them from bodywork. Here are a few key points that should help you appreciate how regular massage can help you have a healthier life:

  • Massage helps to support your health — When you really take time to evaluate what’s important in your life, it’s a good bet you’ll place your health near the top of the list. After all, what will you be able to do without it? Let’s start with the fact that a full-body massage contributes to the proper function of your entire body.

In attempting to remain healthy, your body’s systems are performing functions constantly. The pressure and motion of the massage strokes assist in virtually all aspects of these functions. For instance, the nutrients that provide sustenance to the trillions of cells throughout your body — as well as the outgoing cellular waste — can be processed more efficiently with the aid of massage.

Having a clear understanding of this concept will help you to understand the three following massage benefits also.

  • Massage reduces stress — This one fact should inspire everyone to get massage regularly. Imagine your life with less stress! Considering stress is responsible for most illness (not to mention those tense muscles), alleviating stress from your life can make a major difference in every aspect of your health and attitude.
  • Massage addresses the source of the problems — One of the tenets of complementary healthcare is that, given the proper tools, your body will heal itself. Just think of how many of life’s complaints are caused by an imbalance in your body — and massage helps to restore that state of balance.

How do we know massage actually assists in this re-balancing act? Some of the functions measured during massage studies — changes in hormone levels, blood pressure, etc. — are regulated by your body. When these studies show an improvement in these functions, it offers measurable proof of the positive changes available through massage. Most would agree it’s preferable to employ natural means (like massage) to help your body correct these functions rather than drugs or surgery.

  • A massage makes you feel better — It’s great to know more about how massage contributes to improved health. After all, we all want to be as healthy as possible. But there’s something special about taking an hour or so out of your busy life just to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Anyone who remembers how they felt at the end of a good massage session will tell you it’s another great reason for making massage a regular part of your life.

Take time to decide what important steps you’ll make this year to improve your life and be sure to include massages as part of your plan!

Four reasons to get a massage